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Wren’s Plan For Rebuilding The City Of London After The Great Fire of London 1666.

Sir Christopher Wrens plan for London

Wren’s Plan For Rebuilding The City Of London After The Great Fire of London 1666..

This original is a truly great plan that has been so well preserved and is now electronically digitised for posterity. There is not much hope for many of the buildings that lay in its path but what a different London this would have been with piazzas and long roads or boulevards and wide open spaces which Wren thought to necessary to reduce the  risk of future conflagration. The cheaper option, which the City Corporation inevitably chose, banned thatch roofs which, along with a strong wind blowing from the east, helped the fire to spread. What a different London we would have had but at what cost to our culture?


One response to “Wren’s Plan For Rebuilding The City Of London After The Great Fire of London 1666.

  1. Tooby 12/11/2013 at 08:48

    Every cycle courier in London regrets that this plan was not carried out.

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